37 Lessons in 37 Years of Life

The 9 Essential Habits of Mentally Strong People

Are you strong to your beliefs? This 12 year old is. A Hockey Moment

Your responsibilities as a CWEX student -
  • Attend every day
  • Call in sick if you can not make it in to both the employer and to Ms. Rowe
  • Call into Peacock stating you are sick
  • Attend Monday classes
  • Complete time sheets
  • Complete all paper work required.
  • Reflect in your experience through assignments provided by Ms. Rowe
  • Have fun and learn from your experiences

Monday June 16 to June 19
Monday - Presentations
Tuesday - Presentations (Athletic Award's at 10:45 am)
Wednesday - Presentations (if needed). Royal Bank Presentations (period 3 and 5)
Thursday - Rowe's Finish up day. Can you remember what you need to exit her class today? Who was listening? Who are you in a group?

Monday June 9 to June 19

Final Weeks 2014 Sping.PNG
Final Project for Semester 2 CWEX -
My Path Tools

Monday June 2 (yes that says JUNE) to Friday June 6 (Last Day of Placements)
What are we working on this week?
  • We can continue to develop the skills of a good worker within our work placements
  • We can be safe in our workplace by following all directions and safety procedures
  • We can continue to ask questions of our employer when it comes to being clear on instructions and tasks
  • We can take initiative in talking with our employers on our goals within the workplace
  • We can take the time to reflect on our experiences within the workplace and journalize them

Monday June 2 - Get Thank You Gifts Ready!!!!!
1) We are getting everything ready to thank your employers. I am only giving you 30 min to get this task completed (it should really only take 15) so use your time wisely. Ms. Rowe has the thank you cards that were completed last week. YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THIS CLASS UNTIL YOUR THANK YOU GIFT IS READY!
2) Portfolio Discussion - It isn't pretty!!!!!!
3) Final Assignment Go over and Final day Schedules
4) When Life Gets in the Way - Due today. You can put it on your wiki so Ms. Rowe can mark it please. Remember what she can't see... she can't mark!
5) Last week thoughts (done right before dismissal)

3 Degrees No Jobs - Interesting Read

Monday May 26 to Friday May 30 - Do you have all your paperwork in?
  • We are going to look for places where we can have initiative
  • We are going to improve our skills when getting in necessary paperwork
  • We are going to continue to ask questions

Monday May 26 - You work day!
1) Make sure you check your marks and you have all your paperwork and time sheets handed in. Some of you only have 18 hours of work so far... with 2 weeks left that is NOT a good situation!!!!!!
2) Round Table Discussion - Let's find out how your work placement is going.
3) Thank You Cards to your Employer - Next Monday we will be getting our thank you gifts together.
4) Journal Response -
A new employee has come into your workplace. You are in charge of teaching them the ropes. Your supervisor tells you not to miss anything when teaching the new person but nothing else but that. What are you going to do? List all the steps that you will tell the person about your job. You have to remember to included, safety, work hours, rules and regulations, coffee breaks, start and stop times, etc.... anything that is applicable to your workplace.
5) Get caught up on everything you need to.... Your portfolio will be marked after today. You need to hand in your "Life Gets in the Way" assignment as well.
6) Have a great second last week at your placement!!!!!!!!

Monday May 12 to Friday May 16 (wow half way through May)
  • We can continue to develop the skills of an effective employee
  • We can encourage and support others in our work place
  • We can begin to analyze our skills as an effective employee through our journals
  • We can begin to examine the financial responsibilities of life

1) Check your marks. Make sure you have everything in to Ms. Rowe. She can't not mark what she can't see.
2) Portfolio Evaluation - Check out how you are being evaluated. Some of you will NOT do very well. It is your job to get it ready to mark. Ms. Rowe has given you 4 warnings.... (sigh)

3) Round Table Discussion
4) When Life Gets in the Way completion

Tuesday to Friday - You should be under the radar now at work. We are almost there. Keep showing up on time and do the best job you can!!!! Have a great week. Ms. Rowe will be out for visits this week. Please Please Please Please hand in your midterm evaluations. Nothing handed in.... No marks recorded.... Your mark goes down... down... down...

Monday May 5 to Friday May 9 - TIME SHEETS ARE DUE!!!
  • We can continue to develop the skills of an effective employee
  • We can encourage and support others in our work place
  • We can begin to analyze our skills as an effective employee through our journals
  • We can begin to examine the financial responsibilities of life

Monday May 5 - Life Gets in the Way Day!!!
What do you do when a road block comes your way? As a teenager you have a lot of supports both at school and in your personal life... but what if you are all of a sudden a single parent of two wonderful children? What if you have no job and your partners income is not more? What if you are now the sole responsible person for your families well-being? Today is your day to think... Think of the what if that no one wants to think about. Today is your day to get educated and plan for life!!!

Here is what you will need:
1) When Life Gets in the Way Assignment
Moose Jaw Links - If you do not want Moose Jaw please put the city of YOUR choice.
3) Finding a job websites - Moose Jaw
4) Cost of living in Moose Jaw
5) Finding living in Moose Jaw

Monday April 28 to Friday May 2 (Yup that says May...)
  • We can continue to develop the skills of an effective employee
  • We can encourage and support others in our work place
  • We can begin to analyze our skills as an effective employee through our journals

Monday April 28, 2014
2) Round table discussion -
3) Journal Entry - Who are you becoming as a worker?

Today's journal reflection is focusing on YOUR GROWTH AS A WORKER.
Who are you as a worker? You have been out in the workforce, for CWEX, now 3 weeks. In 3 weeks that is long enough to BLEND into your work place. What does that mean? You should come in and out of your work place like an EMPLOYEE! Are you causing your employer to work? You are you an asset to their place of business? These are things you need to think of.
  • Who do you think you are as a worker? Looking at the TOP 5 things you are doing right and the TOP 5 things you need to work on, share your thoughts?
  • What does an employee doing their job look like? Really think here.... Try not to state the obvious. Use the to help you create some ideas
  • What is your growth plan? What do you think you need to focus on to make sure you are seen as an effective worker where ever you are working. Place yourself in any work situation.
  • Using the Effective Employee handout what are two characteristics you need to work on? You choose.... Only you know you best!!

Monday April 7 to April 26
  • We can bring our Workers Compensation form (Green Sheet) back to Ms. Rowe (LAST CHANCE)
  • We can begin developing the skills of a good worker through our work placements
  • We can begin to analyze our skills as a worker by completing one of the journal entries
  • We feel more comfortable talking to the people within our workplace
  • We can ask questions of our emplyer when it comes to being clear on instructions and tasks

Monday April 7
1) Round table discussion - Let's hear about your first 4 days at your placement. What was your first day like? What was wow that is great? What was "hmmmmm don't know about that"?

Why is Ms. Rowe making me reflect through a journal?

2) Who states teenagers can't be CEO's... What does it mean by putting yourself out there?
Your journal response today is to get you to think about taking the first step in your life.
a) What does that mean?
b) How can you take the first steps to control your movement forward (this is a hard question)?
c) List the 5 careers you might be interested in.
d) What do you have to do to get those careers?
e) What does it mean "the skill of confidence"? How does that relate to your life?

The next two weeks task - THINKING and INITIATIVE

Monday March 31 to Friday April 4, 2014
  • We can bring our Workers Compensation form (Green Sheet) back to Ms. Rowe (LAST CHANCE is Thursday April 3)
  • We can begin developing the skills of a good worker through our work placements
  • We can begin to analyze our skills as a worker by completing one of the journal entries
  • We feel more comfortable talking to the people within our workplace

Monday March 31 - Last day of March.... Wow!!!
1) OH&S presentations - Let's see what you found out about Peacock.
If anyone has a pair of safety glasses that was from the welding shop, please return them ASAP. Mr. Holzer is looking for them as he has one pair missing
2) Last part of class is an organizational day. We need to get our cover letters, resumes, and folders ready for our employers. No one is to leave at the bell till Ms. Rowe has everything ready to go meet your employers tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday to Friday - Out at our work placements

Monday March 24 to Thursday March 27 - Last week before we begin work!!!!
What are we learning this week?**
  • We will be able to explain how to make a workplace safe
  • We will be able to explain a pay stub with gross, net, deductions, EI, CPP etc...
  • We will continue to learn how to be an effective employee in the workplace

Monday March 17 - In the classroom today. AM Room 207, PM Room 205
1) Can you do a dirty job? Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs

2) Learning from Dirty Jobs

3) Bean Game - How do you know how to look after your finances?

Tuesday March 25 - What are you going to do with your $$ How safe is your home?
1) Knowing where your money you earn is so important!!! What do you know?
2) Safety First! -
3) Safety Search -

Wednesday March 26 - it is hard to believe it is almost April!!!!!!
1) OH&S - What did you find? It is your groups job to come up with a short presentation of what you found. Each member needs to speak during the presentation.
Presentation tools that you can use - Kizoa, Powtoon, prezi, Tapestry, Storyboardthat, or any other tool that you come up with. Explore... Don't always rely on what you know. Play, have fun, learn, explore and most of all.... DISCOVER

2) Budgeting -
First thing - Get with your group. Each group member is REQUIRED to complete their own budget sheet. Each person needs the experience of filling out an Excel document. That doesn't mean you can't work together. It means you have to have your own saved to your next work spot. Make sense?

Periods 2 and 3
Natasha – you choose your group!
Periods 4 and 5
Makayla – you choose your group!
Second thing - go get how much you are making a month from Mrs. Scerbe.
Third Thing - As a group create your monthly budget using the Excel spreadsheet provided as if you were a working professional, living independently. I have included the Bean activity for your information.

Fourth Thing - Be prepared to present your information tomorrow in class.

Thursday March 27 - Folder Prep, OH&S, Budget day
1) Folder Check - You have to add Ms. Rowe's business card to your folder. As well Ms. Rowe needs to do a folder check to make sure all green forms are returned!!! NO GREEN FORM.... NO WORK TUESDAY.
2) OH&S Presentations - Make sure your presentation or link is placed in the OH&S Folder under Global

3) Budgeting Groups.... Look under yesterday's budget info.

Monday March 17 to Friday March 21, 2014
What are we learning this week?
  • We will look at how to be an effective employee in the workplace
  • We will begin to feel confident with our interviewing skills
  • We will be able to explain how to make a workplace safe
  • We will be able to apply for a job with an application, resume and cover letter
  • We will be able to explain a pay stub with gross, net, deductions, EI, CPP etc...

Monday March 17 - Happy St. Patty's Day
Ms. Rowe is submitting marks today. Please make sure you check your marks
1) Resumes for Yara Interviews
2) Cover Letters ready for Yara Interviews and for Ms. Rowe to mark.

3) Interview Practice - Look and use the evaluation provided.

Tuesday March 18
1) Yara Interview Prep - Make sure you know your time. This interview is a mark for your report card
2) Folder Prep to make sure everything is ready and good to go!
3) OH&S Saftey check around Peacock - Ms. Rowe will provide full explanation of what is expected.

Wednesday March 19 - Telephone Interview Skills/Effective Worker
1) Telephone skills - what are you going to say to your employer?
2) Effective Employee Handbook -

Thursday March 20 - Calling your employer today... Are you ready!
1) Practice your phone script with 2 people. Ms. Rowe will tell you when to switch. The more you can practice the more confident you will be.
2) Effective Employee Discussion and completion of definition sheet

Friday March 21 - Job Application Day and Call Your Employer Day
1) Your job today will be to fill out a job application and tailor your cover letter and resume for that job.
  • Choose ONE job to apply for (you can always check out jobshopmoosejaw.com to see if there is an actual job)
  • Fill out the generic job application (please note it will ask you for your state and zip Code, you must put in province and postal code)
    • Part time job at a clothing store (you choose the specific one)
    • Part time job at a food establishment (you choose the specific one)Part time job at a gas station (you choose the specific one)
    • Part time job at a gas station

  • Tailor your cover letter for the specific job you are applying for
  • Tailor your resume to make sure it is a fit for your job.
Hand in your application, cover letter and resume when you are done.
Job Application Rubric -

2) Make sure you online portfolio is good to go as we only have one class in the computer lab next week and they are fair game for Ms. Rowe to mark after March 28.

Monday March 10 to Friday March 14
What are we learning this week?
  • We will look at how to be an effective employee in the workplace
  • We will begin to feel confident with our interviewing skills
  • We will be able to explain how to make a workplace safe

Monday March 10
1) Service Best Follow Up.... Time to finish if needed
That means... work on your obtaining your certificate if you haven't already. When you are done that please work on your online portfolio. After Wednesday it will be fair game to mark!
2) Getting everything ready for your CWEX out of classroom experience
that means... folders, resumes, cover letters, signed forms....
3) Getting ready for interviews

1) Service Best Follow Up
2) Labour Standards Act - What do we know? Quick Review then practical quiz
3) OH&S check - This activity will make you "see" vs. just "looking"
* Sign Up for Yara Interview Wed March 12 at 8:30 am

Wednesday March 12 - Did you sign up for your Yara Interview?
1) Interviewing Wednesday - Today is our practice day. Yes we are going to use a whole 2 hours. Why? An interview will either get you a job or make you keep looking. Which one would you rather have?

Thursday March 13 - TBA
Friday March 14 - TBA

Monday March 3 to Friday March 7**
  • We will look at how to be an effective employee in the workplace
  • We will begin to feel confident with our interviewing skills
  • We will be able to explain how to make a workplace safe

Service Best Week

Monday March 3 -
1) Finishing up with Labour Standards Act
2) Service Best We will be going through the SB until we are done and you can write your quiz. Stay with me on it... One more certificate to add to your bag of tricks!

Tuesday March 4 to Thursday March 6
Service Best


Monday February 24 to Friday February 28 (wow it is almost March)
  • We will understand Human Ethics and Human Rights and Equality
  • We will understand the Labour Standards Act
  • We will begin to look at Safety in the workplace
  • We will compare our current skills as an Effective Empolyee to what we want to achieve
  • We will begin to feel confident with our interviewing skills
  • We will begin to look at financial management (when you get those big pay cheques)

Monday February 24
1) Did you get your WHIMS certificate? How about your YWRC? Make sure it is on your portfolio. Now would be the time to do it. Go to CWEX semester 2 and look for both certificates saved there. Save it to your spot on the network and put it on your portfolio.
2) Safety and the workplace... What about it? You come to work and your safe right? Well if an accident is going to happen what would you do? Would it be a difference of looking or seeing what you need to do?

Tuesday February 25 - Labour Standards Act Day
1) Please sign up for Remind 101. Take NOTE that you sign up for the right class.
CWEX Period 2 and 3.JPG
Period 2 & 3

CWEX Period 4 and 5.JPG
Periods 4 & 5

2) Yesterdays Lesson is being put on pause.... Ms.Rowe has been bit by the flu. Today you will be working on The Labour Standards Act Assignment.
What needs to happen?
  • Go to the Labour Standards Page and follow the instructions
  • Work with your group or indpendently
  • Plan how you are going to tackle the assignment.
  • Have knowledge in your area. That means you need to do a little research before you move forward with filming. You NEED A PLAN!
  • Be creative with this project. Have fun! Be informative!!!
  • You will also need to do a presentation on your area highlighting what you have learned. Each person NEEDS to speak.
  • Have fun!

Wednesday February 26 - Continue on your Labour Standards assignment
Thursday February 27 - Labour Standards Act Day/Interview Day
Friday February 28 - Labour Standards Presentations
1) Print off rubric.
2) Write your name on rubric
3) Grade yourself on the individual group work. Provide a quick written back up to why you gave yourself the mark you did.
4) Make sure your movie is in the Global folder or YouTube and MAKE SURE Ms. Rowe KNOWS where it is!!!!
5) Let the show begin!!!


Wednesday February 19 to Friday February 21
What are we learning?
  • We are going to examine and understand how to do an effective interview
  • We are going to practice phone skills (and we don't mean how fast you can text)
  • We will understand Human Ethics and Human Rights and Equality
  • We are going to get our WHIMS certificate

Wednesday February 19 - Welcome back! Hope you had a great 4 days!
1) Take the Dr. Phil Test

2) Young Workers Readiness Review -

It is your job to go through the review of what you need to know in the world of work. If you already have your YWRC, this is a chance to review. You need to be aware of your responsibilities and rights as a worker.
3) Discussion on what you have learned and what you would pass on to a person in grade 8 who isn't working yet.

Thursday February 20 - Interview DAY

1) -Today is spent talking. Not visiting with your friends. Not talking to the people in the hallway. Spending the time learning how to speak when it comes to an INTERVIEW.

2) - Who are you? What is your personality? If you haven't already we are going to be visiting Type Focus today to see who you are. Knowing who you are helps during the interview process.

Friday February 21 -Please hand in your resume with this rubric

1) You will be spending class time obtaining your WHMIS Certification through the Safe and Certified website.
For those of you who have completed the course last year and your certification is up to date (make sure it is in your resume), your job today is to review WHMIS.

2) Who are you? What is your personality? If you haven't already we are going to be visiting Type Focus today to see who you are. Knowing who you are helps during the interview process. Make sure you screen shot your results!

If you get done... Please work on your portfolio or interview questions. Interview questions will be due next week! Yes for marks!!!

Monday February 10 to Friday February 14
What are we learning?

Monday February 10 - All info can be found on Work Study and Preparation
1) Complete all missing vision board presentations
2) Home Logic Check - Do you know how to get into your Home Logic account to check your marks?
3) Employabiltiy Skills - What does that mean to you?
4) What is the difference between a job? Occupation? Career?
5) Career Cruisin

Tuesday February 11 - Career Exploration Tuesday
Journal Response - Go to the journal response page.
1) What does the term Effective Employee mean?
2) What does it take to get the job done? What are empolyability skills?
Complete Career Crusing

3) Find one job that you uncovered yesterday that might interest you. Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about that job. In other words you are becoming the expert! Be prepared to talk about this job and what it will offer you or someone else.

Wednesday February 12 - Resume Building Day

1) Job Sharing 30 minutes - From the job (s) you have uncovered through Career Cruising, explain the following;
- What high school education is needed for this job?
- What is the job about?
- What post secondary education is needed for the job? How much will that cost? Where can you get the education?
- What is the base salary? What is your top salary?
- Hour of work per week?
- Vacation time offered? Sick Time?

2) With the person sitting beside you to your right discuss the 10 questions on the resume building page. If you are sitting on the end and the wall is your partner.... you will easily be able to find some other people looking at the same wall. Buddy up with them please.
2) Resumes are working documents. What does that mean?
3) Resume building tips.... on the resumes.wikispaces.com
4) Transferable skills

Thursday February 13 - Resume Completion Day!
It is your job to make sure your resume is completed the BEST you can possibly do.... Why do I say that? Well, your resume represents you! How do you want to be represented?

2) Cover Letter - What makes a good cover letter?

Friday February 14 - Happy Valentines Day!!!
We are working on two things today....
1) Resumes - Ms. Rowe would like to see your version of your resume by the end of this class today. "I have one at home" doesn't work as she has asked you to have your digital copy at school.
2) Cover Letters - What makes a good cover letter?

Monday February 3 to Friday February 7

What are we learning?
  • We can go over out course outline and discuss what we will be discovering in CWEX
  • We can read over the responsibilities of the students that are taking CWEX
  • We can examine many different forms of work as we examine our potential work placements
  • We can fill out our Student Application Forms with 100% efficiency for our potential work placements
  • We can can examine personal skills, interests, hobbies, and personalities as we create our own wikispaces for the class
    (digitial portfolio)

How are we learning it?
Welcome to Career and Work Experience (CWEX) 2014!! I hope you had an awesome first semester and are looking forward to tackling this class, this semester! I am really looking forward to working with all of you as you are taking one of the most PRACTICAL classes within the school! Let's face it, at the end of all this high school stuff, university, SIAST, and so on, all of us are going to be working at some point. Some of you have already experienced a taste of this and that is AWESOME! My bet is you are taking this class to not only get your credit, but to either try to enter a field that you have interest in or get another current reference to throw onto your resume. Whatever your reason is, I am glad you are here!

Friday February 7 - Vision Board Presentations. We will be doing a couple of things today. Firstly we are going to be presenting. Your names will be picked randomly.

Secondly.... Mystery!

Thursday February 6 - Did you introduce yourself?
1) Complete your vision board during the first 1/2 of CWEX. Make sure you are ready to present what you have uncovered about your goals and dreams for your future. Did you check out the evaluation again to make sure you have put the required thoughts? Vision boards should be done once a year (or more frequently) as your thoughts and goals change from year to year. You are a different person you were a

Wednesday February 5 - School Survey

1) Find a picture that best represents you. I do NOT want a picture of you. It HAS to be a picture of something that represents you.
  • Find the picture
  • Save picture to GLOBAL - Rowe - CWEX Semester 2
  • Create a folder with your name on it
  • SAVE Picture
2) Prepare three statements that represents you and what the picture is saying about you.
3) You name will be chosen randomly. It is now your job to stand up and talk about your picture and yourself! (How else are you going to have an interview?)

4) Exploring the world of work! - Work Study and Preparation

Monday and Tuesday Feb 3 and 4

2. To you the student - What CWEX can offer you -
➢ Provides individual opportunities to increase motivation, improve achievement, and enhance self concept
➢ Provides an opportunity to recognize the relevance of school to the work world
➢ Provides an opportunity to explore potential careers/choices
➢ Helps identify the student’s capabilities and limitations
➢ Provides an opportunity to become more aware of the demands and responsibilities of employment
➢ Provides training that will help in the transition from school to the work world;
➢ Assists students in securing full or part-time employment

3. Student Eligibility for work placement -
  • School Attendance - Ms. Rowe has your semester 1 attendance records.
  • Some Employability Skills
  • Ability to contribute and benefit from the program.
  • Academic performance and achievement
  • Positive attitude towards school and work habits
  • Parental/Guardian approval

4. What is the semester going to look like?
Example of a work placement

Placements will go every Tuesday to Friday from April 1st to June 6.

How does this work?

1. You will be required to fill out the Blue form listing you top 3 job choices. This is like a job application. It needs to be filled out with care and attention.

2. Ms. Rowe takes all your requests and meets with other CWEX teachers in Moose Jaw. We find the best matches aspossible.
3. Ms. Rowe contacts all the employers to make sure they are willing to take a workplace student.

4. Ms. Rowe goes and completes safety checks to make sure the business has WCB coverage.

5. You are provided your workplace once all academic components are met.

6. You will be working 4 days a week. One day will be in classroom so you can write in your weekly journal and hand in your time sheet. Not time sheets... No mark!

7. Ms. Rowe goes out and monitors your work placement. Employers will contact her if there is any issues in the workplace. If there is a problem, a discussion will be had with the employer and your parents/guardians.

8. Employers will provide an initial, midterm, and final evaluation of your time with them as an employee. 40% of your mark is classroom 60% of your mark is workplace.

5. Who are you? For Ms. Rowe to understand what your life is like in and outside of school she needs to have a little bit of background information. Please fill out this form. Hit print. Hand it into Ms. Rowe when she calls your name. This is a great way for her to meet you if she hasn't already. (Don't you like how I am using 3rd person while I type this!)

6. On Line Portfolios - You will be REQUIRED to create an online portfolio. To start this process we will be creating a wiki space for you to use. How to do that?
  • Go to www.wikispaces.com and create an account. Please use a consistent password and username. Nothing more frustrating than you saying "I can't remember my password!".
  • Choose a wiki name that is appropriate to share with an employer. This is a portfolio that you could use for applications for university/SIAST so make sure it is an adult like choice vs. childish name choice.
  • Let Ms. Rowe know what the name is so she can get it verified by wiki.
  • Create, create, create your on-line space (using the guidelines provided by Ms. Rowe)
  • Keep your portfolio updated regularly or it will cause you A LOT of work in the end. Remember you want this to be something that represents who you are as a person. First impressions take 10 seconds (some of you have met me for the first time and have already made judgement of me and this course, your potential employers do the same thing).

Basic Information to get you going on your online portfolio.

This is a HEADS Up of what will be coming at the end of your work placement. Ms. Rowe will sit down with you while you are working on your final projects and collaboratively your portfolio will be evaluated.

How to Have a Good Handshake