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Company Positions
Co-President: Shailynn and Walter
VP of Finance: Carson
VP of Marketing: Matt W and Justice
VP of Production and Technologies: Tyler
VP of HR: Amanda
HR Department: Zach, Matt E, Adam
Finance Department: Janessa, Matt E
Marketing and Sales: THE WHOLE COMPANY
IT Services: Zach, Robert

Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes

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The Prairie Potluck Norms
(approved and reviewed Oct 22, 2013)
Our business policy is to follow and enforce the norms we have established as a company.

The norms are as follows:
1. Have fun and enjoy the experience

2. Continuously bring a positive attitude to the workplace and always wear a smile

3. Always come prepared, punctual and ready for each day.

4. Treat others with respect

5. Respect others’ ideas, opinions and contributions

6. Do the work you are responsible for and help others when you see they need assistance. Do not say “it’s not my job”.

7. Stay updated on the company and always have an understanding of what is going on and when things are happening

8. Decisions are to be made by a majority vote

9. You are expected to attend class and designated company functions

10. Maintain open communication with company members.
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